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[SSRC] ITRC entrepreneurship education special seminar

The "ICT Insight Day (entrepreneurship education)," hosted by IITP and organized by the ITRC Council, will be held.

Date: June 21st (Tuesday) 13:55-16:30

Venue: Hana Square, Korea University Science Library

Topic: Competition and Innovation in the Global Semiconductor Industry

Presentation: Jeong In-sung, author of "The Future of the Semiconductor Empire(반도체 제국의 미래)"

Students wishing to attend offline should reply by June 16th (Thursday). (2 slots, first-come, first-served)

The rest of the students should participate through the YouTube channel [IITP Jeong-tong bang-tong(정통방통)].

For all students in the center, please attend the lecture and support documents based on the guidance of the day. Please note that it will be reflected in entrepreneurship education performance.

* For more information, please refer to the file attached.

Thank you.

Smart Media Service Research Center (SSRC).

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