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[SSRC] Participation information for "The ICT Challenge 2022"

"The ICT Challenge 2022" hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and organized by the IITP Council will be held in 2022.

For detailed information regarding participation in the event, please refer to the guideline below. [Guideline] o Title: ICT Challenge 2022 in Pioneering the Hyper-Connected Digital World _ New World Explorer, Hyper Digital Era

o Host: Ministry of Science and ICT Council of Information and Communication Planning Evaluation Institute University Information and Communication Research Center

o Sponsor: SKT Telecom

o Period: August to September (2 months)

* Main schedule: (Reception) '22.7.29 (Fri) to 8.22 (Mon)

(O.T) '22.8.30 (Tue), SKT Pangyo Building (Main event) '22.9.23 (Fri), SKT Seoul Building

o Expected participants: 2-3 graduate students participating in ICT master's or doctorate talent training projects can form a team to participate

* Target projects (61) : University ICT Research Center (47), Regional Intelligence Innovation Talent Training (12), ICT Luxury Talent Training (2) * Participating teams may consist of master's and doctorate students who participate in the above project (including at least one person) and non-participating students who are recognized by the research manager.

o Details including reception will be individually provided by the "University ICT Research Center Council" (including the website).


In this competition, a total of 10 teams will be awarded, and the top 6 teams will receive awards (Minister Award, Director Award) and overseas training opportunities.

Thank you. Smart media Service Research Center (SSRC).

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