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[SSRC] 7th University Forum at 12 PM on Thursday, September 29th

[Invitation letter]

The Sejong Campus of Korea University, which has been making remarkable progress since its opening in 1980, is the result of the dedication and efforts of faculties, staff, students, and alumni.

Now, after 42 years of school opening, we need to think about the future ahead. To this end, it is necessary to re-examine and firmly establish the status and identity of the Sejong Campus within Korea University.

On top of that, Sejong Campus should discuss specific ways to create new standards for Korea University as well as private universities in Korea. We invite you to this heated debate.

※ "University Forum" of the University and Social Research Association is supported by research funds from external companies.

Donghoon Ma, head of the University and Social Research Association, Department of Media Studies.

Seongcheol Kim, Head of Smart media Service Research Center (SSRC).


* Date and time: September 29th, 2022 (Thu) 12:00 p.m. to 1:20 p.m.

* Venue: Yoojoong Hall (5th floor), Culture and Sports Hall, Korea University Sejong Campus

* Topic: Balanced Development of Sejong Campus

* Chairman: Donghoon Ma (Professor of Department of Media & Communication, Korea University)

* Presenter: Seongkyu Seo (Professor of College of Science and Technology, Korea University Sejong Campus)

* Debate: Yoonjae Cho (Professor of College of Culture and Sports, Korea University Sejong Campus), Youngjun Kim (Professor of College of Culture and Sports, Korea University Sejong Campus), Jinsup Hyun (Student Representative, Korea University Sejong Campus)

* Youtube link:

* Offline participation application: E-mail reply by September 27th (Tue) at 12:00 (noon)

- Enrollment and inquiry:

- Email title: Application for participation in the 7th forum

- Email contents: Affiliation (department) / Position / Name / Attendance

e.g. Department of Media & Communication / Graduate student, undergraduate, professor, etc. / Hong Gil-dong / Wish to attend

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