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[SSRC] 6th University Forum at 12 PM on Thursday, September 1st

[Invitation letter]

At the end of the hot summer, we look ahead to the coming autumn. A total of 10 sessions of the university forum have now crossed the halfway point and entered the second half. In the 6th Forum, we will discuss the future expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based research, which is an important keyword that describes the future of society.

Considering the advances in technology looking for singularity beyond the era of weak AI, what new solutions can we offer to problems of future society? Further, how can we apply AI to engineering, social science, humanities, and medical research? We invite you to the rich forum.

※ "University Forum" of the University and Social Research Association is supported by research funds from external companies.

Donghoon Ma, head of the University and Social Research Association, Department of Media Studies.

Seongcheol Kim, Head of Smart media Service Research Center (SSRC).

* Date and time: September 1st, 2022 (Thu) 12:00 p.m. to 1:20 p.m

* Venue: CCL Event Hall, B1F, Central Plaza, Korea University

* Topic: Expansion of AI-based research

* Chairman: Donghoon Ma (Professor of Department of Media & Communication, Korea University)

* Presenter: Seong-Whan Lee (Professor of Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence, Korea University)

* Debate: Soonyoung Jung (Dean of College of Informatics, Korea University), Ho-Sung Nam (Professor of College of Liberal Arts, Korea University), Hyung Joon Joo (Professor of Department of Cardiology, Anam Hospital)

* Youtube link:

* Offline participation application: E-mail reply by August 30 (Tue) at 12:00 (noon)

- Enrollment and inquiry:

- Email title: Application for participation in the 6th forum

- Email contents: Affiliation (department) / Position / Name / Attendance

e.g. Department of Media & Communication / Graduate student, undergraduate, professor, etc. / Hong Gil-dong / Wish to attend

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