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[SSRC] 2022 University Forum

[Invitation letter]

Throughout history, creating new knowledge and nurturing talent to drive society has been the responsibility of a university. This responsibility should not change even in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital transformation, international disputes and New cold wars, climate change and energy crises, political conflicts, and economic crises. Universities must offer innovative solutions to new social problems and foster problem-solving talent.

However, in order to make this happen, universities first have to change.

Today, our university has to cross the mountains of old customs and the rivers of regulation. Only when universities open the way, the hopeful future of society will unfold. For a university that opens the future creates the future and leads the future society, we introduce this university forum where we can discuss the new paradigm of knowledge production and talent development toward a top-tier university.

We ask for your active participation in the forum that will be held 10 times every last Thursday at noon from March to December.


The forum will be broadcasted online via a YouTube link. If you want to participate online, please refer to the link below.

* Youtube link:

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