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Special lecture & talk by Dr. Berners-Lee, the winner of the Seoul Peace Prize

A special lecture and talk by Dr. Timothy Berners-Lee, the winner of the 16th Seoul Peace Prize, will take place on Tuesday, November 15.

Dr. Berners-Lee is a professor at Oxford/MIT and an engineer-social activist who played a groundbreaking role in today's Internet world by developing and distributing the World Wide Web (WWW) for free in 1989. Through Alliance for Affordable Internet (AFAI) and Social Linked Data (SOLID), Dr. Berners-Lee has been actively leading civic movements to address social issues ranging from Internet addiction, privacy violations, and platform industry monopolies to fake news.

For these contributions, we invite members of the School of Media & Communication and the graduate school of Media & Communication to a talk given by Professor Berners Lee, the winner of the 2022 Seoul Peace Prize. We hope you join us in sharing insights on the era of digital transformation.

The talk is held by the School of Media & Communication, SSRC, CIS, 4th Stage BK21 Media Education Research Group, along with the Seoul Peace Prize Foundation.

* Date and time: November 15, 2022 (Tue) 2:00-3:40 PM

* Location: Cinema Trap, Korea University Media Hall Room No. 412

* Title: The Third Layer: How Solid Technology and Data Reserve Policy Combine to Restore Peace through Individual and Organizational Empowerment

* Chairman: Dr. Dong-hoon Ma (School of Media & Communication of Korea University)

* Link to participation:

-First come, first served (40 people)

* A lecture and talk will be broadcast live on YouTube.

* The Seoul Peace Prize Foundation will provide small gifts to participants on the site.

Thank you.

Smart Media Service Research Center (SSRC).

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