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Dong-gyun Kwak

Korea Information Society Development Institute

Research Interest OTT platform market

Degree PhD



After graduating from the Department of Journalism at Seoul National University and receiving a master's degree from the same graduate school, he obtained a Ph.D. Currently, he is studying broadcasting media policy as a research fellow at the Institute for Information and Communication Policy.

Major Research Area

His main research areas are broadcasting media policy and smart media strategy, and he is mainly researching policies related to OTT-based media services.

Representative Research Results

  1. VOD 및 결합상품 확산이 유료방송 시장 경쟁에 미치는 영향(2015, 방송통신연구, 여름호, 통권 91호).

  2. How to define pay TV service market: Korean case with OTT video service(2016, 국민대 사회과학연구, 여름호, 제29집).

  3. 인터넷 동영상콘텐츠 유통과 소비에 관한 실태조사(2018~), KISDI

  4. 인터넷 동영상 서비스에 대한 합리적 제도화 방안 연구(2015), 미래창조과학부.

  5. 국내 주요 OTT서비스의 동영상콘텐츠 제공 및 이용현황 분석(2019), KISDI 등

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