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Center organizational structure and role

  • The Smart Media Service Research Center is composed of five detailed projects: OTT-based technology, intelligent technology, technology market data science research, content research, and platform research.

  • It mainly aims to proceed with research that can create synergy by sharing detailed projects: trends in OTT service, literature research, and related data.

  • Convergence research between five projects or with external researchers is conducted by sharing the research results of detailed projects through monthly seminars.

Detailed task


[Project 1 Research Contents] Project 1 intends to research OTT broadcasting communication base technology.

  • To conduct research on broadcasting communication base technology for improving the mobility perception of user-centered OTT service and quality of service experience.

  • In particular, based on AI technology, we plan to conduct timely research to detect harmful videos that have been a problem in the recent Nth room incident or to analyze cases of tampering with deep fake videos.

[Project 2 Research Contents] Project 2 intends to research convergence technology of neuroscience and artificial intelligence for developing OTT service.

  • To conduct research with the following goals: developing neuro-marketing application technology related to OTT media content, producing content based on artificial intelligence analysis and developing real-time prediction technology, developing artificial intelligence-based image quality analysis technology, and image deterioration improvement technology.

  • Plan to establish an S/W, H/W-based platform to implement a proof-of-concept for judging the applicability of core technologies.


[Project 3 Research Contents] Project 3 is to conduct data science research on OTT technology and the market.

  • Research using data science methodology is conducted by securing differentiated data related to OTT through research cooperation with companies.

  • Through the thesis, patent, and market analysis (3P: Patent, Paper, Product), we intend to maximize synergy within the research center by sharing the findings of future OTT promising technologies with researchers of other projects.

[Project 4 Research Contents] Project 4 intends to research OTT content production and products.

  • To improve understanding of OTT-centered smart media-based content production, the current state of content product, and content-based IP strategy, we intend to conduct literature research, attend domestic and international academic conferences, and hold seminars.

  • For education and status analysis, we plan to conduct research through tours of production and platform companies, and interviews with working-level staff.

[Project 5 Research Contents] Project 5 plans to research the OTT platform and market promotion policy.

  • Carrying out a user survey and empirical analysis to analyze competition between traditional media and OTT service

  • Examining consumer perceptions of the media platform's competitive relationship through user group interviews, etc.

  • Having in-depth interviews with experts to revitalize the OTT service industry and establish a regulatory system

  • Taking legal experts advice on the enactment of the Integrated Broadcasting Act and the direction of the horizontal regulatory system, etc

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