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Vision and Goals



Development of Smart Media Service Ecosystem

Aiming to become a global expert research group (Think Tank)

  • Leading the OTT research group by conducting research on OTT-based technologies, intelligent technologies, data science, content, and platforms

  • Supporting the development of innovative technology and policies as a partner of R&D and policy of the Ministry of Science and ICT

  • Developing a global research team with comprehensive knowledge of smart media technology, data analysis of the ecosystem, and socio-scientific insights on the market and policy through convergence research

Expected Effects


  • Promoting the development of the Smart Media Service Ecosystem through the establishment of technological and economic foundations, promotion of the IT industry, and fostering of human resources

  • Contributing to the growth of the domestic ICT industry through the development of OTT-based technologies and intelligent technologies for smart media services

  • Establishing the main foundation of the digital economy for building a smart nation, meeting the national expectations for the smart media industry

  • Establishing a process of connecting human resources and employment through continuous collaboration with smart media companies and public institutions

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